• These shoes are so beautiful I just had to make Shoeperman stop what he was doing to come and look at them. Longchamp Sale Shoeperman wasn’t remotely interested, to be absolutely honest: in fact, when pressed on the subject, his main observations were “they’re very red” and “that’s a really big bow”… which is accurate, I guess, but which really doesn’t even begin to sum up the beauty that is this shoe, does it?If these were from a cheaper brand, Longchamp they’d have been in my online shopping basket and on their way to me before you could so much as blink: alas, however, cheaper brands never seem to manage Michael Kors to pull off this kind of style – we have to leave that to Miu Miu, who’ve been making bows like this for years now, and who just seem to get better and better at it. Even without the bow, the shint patent upper and curved heel on these shoes would’ve made them show-stoppers: with it, however, I actually think I’m going to have to look away from the screen, because they’re just too tempting.On the subject of bright red, however, Miu Miu have Coach Outlet Store Online quite a lot of it available at the moment, and as it would all go perfectly with the shoes (I know a lot of people don’t like the “one colour” look, but I do, so…), here are just a few pieces. There’s this red wool coat, for instance:
    I WAS going to save these shoes for Coach Outlet Valentine’s Day (because what could be more appropriate than a pair of shoes with pink hearts on the front?), but I just can’t wait any longer. And I guess if I show them now, you MIGHT just be able to get them shipped in time for February 14th – which I’m thinking of re-appropriating as a Michael Kors Bags day for shoe lovers to indulge themselves. Well, why not?These are called Doracora Sling, and they’re the slingbacked, platform soled sisters of the original Doracora pumps, which I showed you a while back – and which are my favourite Louboutins of the moment. I’d personally rather have the pumps than the platforms, because that sole is Michael Kors Outlet Online a little too chunky for my tastes, but I wouldn’t kick these out of the shoe closet either – and I do really like the hot pink heel, to match the pink of the heart. If you don’t like either of them, however, perhaps Cristacora will be more to your liking?These have a black velvet upper topped with a sparkling jewelled heart, and they’d be perfect for a special occasions. Speaking of special occasions, it doesn’t get much more “special” than your own wedding day, and if you’re a fan of jewelled details on toes, I think the ivory satin version of Louboutin’s ‘Barzas’ d’orsay pumps would look amazing peeking out Coach Outlet Online from under your dress:As you can see, these also come in black, and not only is the butterfly embellishment on the toe absolutely exquisite, the shape of the shoe itself is rather special, too. I love the low-cut vamp, and the cut-away side, both of which combine to create a really elegant, sophisticated looking shoe, which Coach Factory are a perfect example of the genius that is Christian Louboutin.
    We’ve reached that time of year when I start to become obsessed with thigh-high boots.Now, I’m not a huge fan of boots in general: I’ve never been one of those people who starts counting down to autumn so I can layer up and break out Michael Kors Factory Store the boots – in fact, almost every outfit I wear with boots, I think would look better with shoes. Almost every outfit.A few years ago, though, I bought myself a pair of thigh-high boots from Topshop, and I never looked back. They were (and are – I still wear them every year) the kind of thing Coach Handbags I’d never normally have dreamt of buying, because if I’m honest, I’d always associated thigh-high boots with a super-sexy kind of look that just isn’t me. I worried that they’d look inappropriate or cheap, and I figured they’d probably be one of those purchases I loved to bits – but which never actually made it out Longchamp Bag of the house.As it turned out, though, I couldn’t have been more wrong, because those boots quickly came my go-to solution for winter footwear: and pretty soon, I’d added a few more pairs to my collection, too. I love wearing thigh-high boots with dresses and skirts, but the pairs I have are starting to show their Longchamp Outlet age, so this year I’ve been on the lookout for some replacements. Boot shopping isn’t nearly as easy a task as shoe shopping, unfortunately: boots tend to be much more expensive than shoes, and they’re also harder to get the right fit with, because as well as having to fit your foot properly, they also have Michael Kors Outlet to fit your leg, which can seem like an impossible task.The three pairs of boots on this page are all from Spartoo, who have a large selection of thigh-highs this year, at a wide range of price points: maybe I’ll get to add to my collection after all!

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