it may be time for it to add a UV clarifier

  • There is nothing worse for the pond owner than going to a water feature that's turned green uv ballasts . Green water is attributable to microscopic algae floating through the pond. Even with proper filtration and regular using Nature's Defense® and Muck Defense® beneficial bacteria, some ponds are naturally more predisposed to algae blooms - in particular when they get full sun or have a great fish population. If you are constantly battling green or discolored water, the idea may be the perfect time to add a UV clarifier. To make sure your UV clarifier performs properly, you will require the right pump. Here are some tips for sizing a pump for a unit.

    When sizing a pump for any UV clarifier, you need the flow rate for being just right. A UV clarifier functions destroying the algae that pass the unit. Water moving too fast implies that the cell wall just isn't exposed to the UV light for a specified duration to do damage. Move the lake too slow plus it becomes a sterilizer, killing everything - as well as your beneficial bacteria. Each manufacturer has different suggestions for their unit, therefore the best bet is usually to choose a pump that may be close to, yet not greater than, the utmost flow rate. Keep in mind, when you have a large pump to power a waterfall or another feature, you might need a separate pump on your UV Clarifier.

    UV energy absorbed by plastics can excite photons, which then create " free radicals ". While many pure plastics cannot absorb UV radiation, the inclusion of catalyst residues and also other impurities will frequently act as receptors, causing degradation. Only a really small amount of impurity could possibly be needed for that degradation to happen, e.g. trace parts per billion values of sodium in polycarbonate will initiate color instability. In the use of oxygen the poisons form oxygen hydroperoxides that may break the double bonds with the backbone chain resulting in a brittle structure. This process is normally called photo-oxidation. However, without oxygen prepare yourself for some still be degradation a result of the cross-linking process which is the effect for plastics used for your Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station.

    The awesome product, a countertop unit the dimensions of a small microwave, utilizes patent-pending 360° Core UV Technology that disinfects and sterilizes the whole surface of anything placed on the unit’s propriety quartz glass shelf. With self-adjusting capabilities, your machine alters exposure time according to an object’s size, UV absorption, as well as the lamp’s output, providing a sterile item within seconds.