A way to build relics in MU legend

  • A way to build relics
    Artifacts may be created by pressing the X key
    There square measure 2 ways that to urge the essence of buy mu legend zen associate degree whole thing.
    1. Get the cube by grabbing the labyrinth boss → latch on from the cube two. Catch the labyrinth boss and acquire "Cube" and "Broken whole thing Fragment" (Obtain whole thing fragments from the Cube)
    Produced one whole thing "xxxx" with twenty whole thing fragments from production merchants

    3. styles of artifacts
    As mentioned on top of, there square measure ten types of artifacts. Red letters square measure the foremost used artifacts.
    Sprout patience sunrise frozen heart rainbow mask play stubbornness delirium delirium allegro hysteria
    For additional info, please check the Inventory whole thing tab, however please consult with this text for the artifacts I denote below as a result of the artifacts on the Inventions square mu legend zen measure completely different from the current ones.
    Click on the image to look at it in its original size.

    Artifacts square measure "basic effect" and "20 stage effect" exists.

    The default result is usually applied, and therefore the twentieth result is a bearing which will be triggered once bound conditions square measure met
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